Jason R. Finley


Research Tools that I have made

Effect Sizes

Kroes, A. D. A., & Finley, J. R. (2023). Demystifying omega squared: Practical guidance for effect size in common analysis of variance designs. Psychological Methods. doi:10.1037/met0000581 Supplemental Materials here.

Omega Squared formulas quick reference: covers various ANOVA designs : OmegaSquaredQuickRef_JRF_3-31-13.pdf

Effect Size Tutorial presentation: shows how to calculate Omega squared from SPSS output : EffectSizeTutorial_4-1-13b.pptx

Example of calculating Cohen's d in Excel: EffectSize_CohensDexample.xlsx

Ordinal Correlation

Notes on comparing two Kendall's Tau correlation coefficients: ComparingKendallsTaus.docx

R code for comparing Tau-b coefficients, independent or dependent: CCseJRFcompare4.r

Programming in Flash/ActionScript3


Programming in MatLab + Psychtoolbox3

Code to implement a free response question: MatLab_PTB3_FreeResponse.zip

Statistics in R

Guide to Univariate & Multivariate Approaches to Mixed-Design 2-Way ANOVA in R

Statistics in Excel

How to do the sign test in Excel

Example t-tests in Excel

Bar graph tutorial

Correlation and Regression class exercise

Correlation and Regression example

Chi Square Test for Independence

Chi Square Test for Goodness of Fit

Pivot Table intro


Some Greek symbols

Graeco-Latin Squares: 3rd order, 4th order